unlock your true potential, heal and empower your soul akashic records readaing by Giorgia Nicholas
Giorgia Nicholas


Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means "ether", the primary substance that surrounds us entirely. The akashic record is a huge database, a multidimensional archive wherein all the information to each and every soul ever incarnated is energetically encoded.  The Book of Life tracks and builds a record of every action of each life form.

Are you curious about yours? 

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The Soul Realignment® Modality

The methodology I use is called SOUL REALIGNMENT® and it is a very specific system of accessing the information about the origination of the Godspark that everyone carries within.  This is information related to our gifts, talents and purpose.

This method highlights the karmic patterns and blocks accumulated during this and other existences that have moved us away from the fulfillment of our human experience and its full potential.

Starting from the assumption that we are the powerful creators of our own experience through the choices we make and the actions we take, the reading allows us to see where we "got stuck", why we self-sabotage ourselves and how to reach the abundance that everyone deserves as Divine Beings.

The Akashic Records Reading

Reading the personal akashic records serves to pave the way to unlock your true potential.  It does not necessarily tell us  if we were knights, commoners or witches in our past lives, but actually it shows us the contexts of other lives where we have triggered a sequence of obstruction to our self-expression.  This is a way to understand, clear and heal ourselves.

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Step 1

You give the permission to access your individual akashic records by providing your full name at birth and your current name, if different, the year and place of birth.

Step 2

I'll contact you after I have verified the accessibility of your records and we will schedule our session and the modality for payment.  I will then perform a long and detailed remote reading.

Step 3

The session will be held by phone /WhatsApp /Skype or in person and lasts about an hour or more, depending on the complexity of the reading.

A complete and accurate report will be released and some tools of clearing  will be also provided.